Let me fly home!

Is somebody selling a small plane that can fly me over the Atlantic, all the way till India and then back?

I am pretty sure that buying a second hand plane would come out to be cheaper than the airline ticket prices. Seriously, I am so pissed off after spending so many hours in vain, trying to find a ticket that at  the very least does not sound exorbitant. I have tried everything, from online sites to travel agents. They are all equally merciless, money hungry, … ridiculous and funny.

Orbitz, my first stop was damn funny! You put in all the information and then it will show you a price that will make your heart grow fonder. Then you happily go to book it and they would come up with this message in RED that says that Prices just jumped up by 400 $. What the hell?!

Finn Air will ask you to fill in everything except what are you going to eat during your stay in India and then the next page takes like eternity to upload. It seems as if they are asking all the people of Finland, as to what the price of my ticket should be, and after such a long wait they come up with this message that says, “There are no flights for selected days”. I repeated searches for every possible date and they always display the same message. Why on the face of this earth would those brothers of Eskimos, have a website if they don’t have any flights.

Travel agents seems to be a totally different genus to me, something like Homotravela agenta. First question they ask is “How much fare do you expect?”. I replied, “$100 sounds reasonable but if you want to send $200 in mail in rebate later on, then its fine with me!”. I mean, what did he expect me to say,”$1539.36  is my expected price!” and then he would rotate a fortune wheel and if I get the exact same amount on wheel, I become the bumper prize winner and I get to spend some 22 days and 23 nights in India. Wow that would be some fun.

There was this other travel agent too who has a voicemail saying that he is restroom right now. Does he change his voicemail many times in day, depending on what he is doing or does he spend most of his time in a restroom or does he lovingly call his office ‘restroom’. What??!!

If by tomorrow, I don’t get any tickets, I would start making those wings of wax and I promise, I won’t fly close to sun.

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