Scribbles from last week [Week 33, 2008]


He walks in and says, ” Shoot me!”

“Hand me a bazooka and I will be happy to do it”

“No seriously, shoot me and I will show you my new Matrix stunt”.


Mirrors can tell you amazing things. In my case, I realized that I look a lot like Che Guevara. I mean a lot alike! I am going to take a picture soon in the same pose and post it sometime. But now that I know this, I am trying to get a role in Motorcycle Diaries II. [Anybody listening?!]


Have you ever seen a Pinochio dancing? I happened to get that pleasure at last night’s party. 


Among the throngs of cheerful new graduates and their parents, friends etc, was this African family; women and men dressed in colorful bright dresses that I have only seen on National Geographic. And there, in front of his mother and surrounded by many uncles and aunts, was this young man in graduation robe being hugged by his father. Tears starting rolling out of father and son’s eyes and there, right that moment I realized the importance of realizing a dream. I am not overtly sentimental types but for that second I wanted to go and hug those guys, talk to their lot and know their story. But maybe words would not have done justice to the dream that they saw years ago as a family in some remote corner of Africa. Maybe.


This video made my day, filling me with some unexplainable sort of joy. I have watched it so many times and every time it seems as new. People from all over the world, losing all their worries, and jumping into a carefree un-choreographed dance. Its simply amazing!

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