Twisting the Morality!


“…the moral of the chapter was that we should not hurt anybody. Understand?”, he said while twisting my ear so hard that I thought that it might get unscrewed and detach from my head.


For next ten minutes, I had thought that my ear was coiled like a spring and confirmation of normalcy from this guy sitting next to me, did not really help.

The person who brought so horrifying tortures was my ‘Moral Science’ teacher. Yes indeed, we had a subject by that name and they could not find a better person than this guy who used to hit us with a wooden stick while teaching us morality of we-should-not-harm-anybody.

He used to say that we should help each other and then next second he would rebuke us for showing our homework to other guy.

Moral of some chapter was that we should interact with each other more often and then I had to stand out of class for talking to my bench mate.

One of the ‘good manners’ taught was not to talk while eating and it came in direct conflict with another ‘good manner’ that said you should always answer your parent’s question (Note: This was not in book but our teacher used to teach his experiences too). So every night at dinner table, I had to choose between one good manner or the other one.

‘Take initiatives’ was the title of a chapter, and now imagine the plight of a student taking initiative and telling this sadistic teacher that “his actions did not do justice to subject he was teaching”. That student was ‘yours truly’ and aftermath of such an initiative was that till this day, I think my ears look a bit weird.

Every morning its the same tale.

“Don’t you think my ears are bent at a weird angle?”

“No, they seem fine!”

“No you don’t know. Its all that teacher at school who once twisted…”

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