Brain, Barter and Bargain!

I am a man of very few beliefs and today I am going to share one jewel of my belief box.  I sincerely believe that in all its veracity, one day we will have brain cell banks where you can exchange brain cells for money. We might have a variation there that it might be a Market like scenario where people who need more brain cells to support high computation going on in their brains will line up to buy from people who don’t mind selling a mass of cells. If such a day comes, I will be behind the counter, pulling out stuff from my own head and putting it in a paper bags with words “Brian’s Brain Shop’ written boldly on the bag.


I have already started saving my brain cells. I never use them on serious thought. To hell with people, who say that using brain makes it sharper. I am not going to sell machetes. So here I am, always talking stupid, saving brain cells and all this while sitting on an oilfield just inside my cranium.


My dad while teaching me fractions always used to say this, “ Why don’t you use your brain?”


I mean first thing how can using brain justify use of fractions in first place. First you make numbers and then decide to put something between two numbers and so put a fraction, which take up two line of ruled notebook, every time you write one.   Then they always give this trite example of cutting a cake into 8 parts and me getting one to explain 1/8. As if I was listening to words being said after ‘cake’!

Then secondly, I always try to explain my Dad that someday, I would be the guy with most unused cells and that would make us richer. I would trade only in whole numbers that day.


That’s it! I have burned enough while telling you this too! Oh! By the way, did you read that laziness is genetic?  So if you are pissed, that I did not blog anything in last 5-6 days, you can yell at my parents. 

2 thoughts on “Brain, Barter and Bargain!

  1. charu says:

    Ah!! I Just lost a hell lot of them reading this stuff!!!!!!

  2. Gaurav says:

    Oh! you just missed some dollars from your future pocket! 🙂

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