Scribbles from Last Week (Week 30,2008)

I noticed this 18-wheeler truck that said “Canadian Beer” followed by “Imported directed from Canada” in different font. Now these days, having watched “Dark Knight”, the only thing I wish on seeing an 18-wheeler, is for it to flip over, head on. It looked so amazing in the movie and it would definitely look more amazing in real life. 

But on this one, I could not wonder on anything else except that line, “Imported directly from Canada”. I mean, if you are in US, why would you export beer from Canada to Russia and then from there you export it to Singapore and from there via Africa, you get it to US. So, there it is ‘imported directly’.



Whenever I am listening to music on my iPod, I put headphone only in one ear while the other speaker cable keeps hanging in mid air relaying the song to the rest of world. The most plausible reason for such an act of mine is that I am weird. But on second thoughts, I think I want to listen to what is going on around me and also if someday I go deaf due to listening too much ‘metal’, the fate dawns on only one ear.


They should make it mandatory for malls to invariably have a ‘Barnes and Noble’ or gaming arcade so that when girls shop for hours and increase the economy, there are guys working on strengthening the arts.


While working in lab, I spilled some liquid nitrogen over my feet. I was pretty sure that they would freeze and break off. But as it turns out you need much higher exposures to reach that level.

That reminds me, they are coming out with Terminator 4. I am happy but it is without Arnold, the governor of California. Not even a guest appearance! 😦

I distinctly remember that the first English movie that I saw was “Terminator II” and next day at school, I was doing this mechanical walk in front of everybody. In reply to every ‘Good morning’ or ‘hey’, I had replied, ‘Hasta la vista’ without knowing what that means!


Within last one week, I have seen at least 15 people walking by while carrying their pillows. Just one pillow in hand, while you walk in broad sun lit afternoon. Why pillow? I don’t know and the mystery is eating me up. Has government recently announced that pillow is the most precious thing and you can exchange it for same volume of gold or are there some pillow thieves gang on prowl or is this world going to blow up and the safest bunker you can have is inside a pillow.

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