Downtown Bus Stop


Every day in the evening, I walk past two bus stops and catch bus from the downtown bus stop. Its not that if I don’t walk, blood in my legs would freeze and they might just crack, but because the downtown bus stop is one place where you can watch maximum people in state college. It is like the main bus stop, where all the buses stop and after a 10 min halt all of them go in same direction as it is on a one-way route. So it is the safest bet to catch a bus if you are new to the place, have a direction sense comparable to a mule and are still confounded by the bus numbers being marked as R, V, NV, N, X, Z. A, P. Back in my hometown, they write name of each and every location that the bus services, on the front windshield. Although it takes a lot of space, and while driving, driver has to see incoming traffic through those boldly painted words written on windshield, it is a less effective to confuse passengers.

Coming back to people, yes, you can watch a lot of people here. Today only, I spent a good 2 minutes staring at this incredibly eye-catching butterfly tattoo on the incredibly eye-catching back of an incredibly-eye catching girl. I sat there watching and wondering how the tattoo would look like once she gets old. Probably the butterfly would look like a sagging plant with just two leaves. Leaves, with their own midrib and veins.

Then there was this shirtless, probably homeless guy, with a lot of hair on chest. I have seen shirtless people with chests that look like mini-ecosystems but this one looked like a hazardous place even for microbes. One thing this guy definitely needed, even more than a weedicide for those chest hairs, was a belt. Every few seconds, he would pull his underwear up instead of pulling his trousers up. So the situation was so bad that his underwear and trouser seemed like troposphere and stratosphere. All this while, he was busy listening to something on his CD player.  Based on man’s looks, I presumed that either it was classic rock album or a motivational tape.

Then there was other guy who was approaching everybody and asking/saying something after which everybody shook their heads in ‘nay’. The guy came to me and said something that I could not really comprehend. But I also shook my head in ‘nay’ and he went away. Later on, I thought that ‘nay’ might have been an unethical, immoral, self-devastating or a wrong answer. What if, he was looking for a guy with B+ blood group? What if, he was conducting on a survey on people who say ‘nay’ without listening to the question? What if, he was asking my name so that he can bequeath all his property to me?

Then as the bus came, and we queued to get into bus, this guy who seemed to have received way too many bullet wounds in war and then decided to put a ring through each bullet mark, decided to walk up to the bus door and then not board it. I kept on wondering the reason for such a behavior and imagined scenarios that maybe he had to run back to the store where he works as a ‘ring hanger’. That explains ear rings, nose rings, lip rings, eye brow ring(s)…….

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