Scribbles from Last Week

One thing that you should never miss even if you have to break a lock up or bribe in millions or run faster than a cheetah or eat an uncooked ostrich eye or (if you can) change earth’s course of motion, is to watch a Chinese guy with an extraordinarily long face wearing Harry Potter styled spectacles. Its one thing you can never forget in your life. I happened to be that lucky this week.


A friend’s Uncle, who lives in Illinois, has a bathroom that is about the size of Penn State natatorium and showers come fitted with inbuilt music system (with FM radio too). Wow! It is one of the most amazing thing I have heard till now. I definitely need those shower systems. I will keep them tuned to News Channel so that one day if earth is in peril, I don’t have to wait for 10 min before I finish bathing and take my plane to Mars!

Anyways, does anybody know if we can have use shower curtains for movie projections? Then I can have whole IMAX bathroom.


Life is stale and boring at times!


The best news of the week: Shah Rukh Khan and Salman khan had a verbal duel (which could have easily been called altercation) at Katrina’s birthday party. Then Aamir Khan tried to stop them, before Katrina and Gauri became the peacekeepers.

Oh! And they were all drunk! (including the reporter who reported this)

So filmy! The story should get a Filmfare right away!


The Indian Govt. might fall next week, trying to save a future nuclear deal with USA. With the leftist’s taking their support back, a single MP from a constituency in Chhattisgarh (who may not even know what the word ‘nuclear’ means) might be in power to take a final decision on whether we should have that nuclear deal or not!

If elections become imminent, I am thinking of starting my own political party! 🙂


The only music that has been playing on my iTunes and iPod since last week is that of upcoming Indian movie “Rock On!!” . Wow! Indie Rock! Its Rock, its amazing and it also has two exclamation marks in the movie name. I love exclamation marks!

Although, it would have been better if Farhan Akthar would have stuck to direction and acting, and left the singing part to someone else.

Anyways, whatever, just Rock On!!


“The Dark Knight” is extraordinarily good. Although I had to watch the movie while sitting behind this guy who came dressed in full Batman attire. So both the bottom corners of movie screen were hidden to me behind ears of his mask. How can somebody watch a whole movie wearing that mask? And I always thought, I was crazy.

Talking about craziness, ‘Joker’ is incredibly amazing!  I agree with all those people who said that it is a performance that deserves an academy award. 


I am planning to make ‘Scribbles from last week’ a regular feature.

3 thoughts on “Scribbles from Last Week

  1. Gauri says:

    😀 there u go again… I loved the batman bit…

  2. onlymoments says:

    The Batman movie script and production was one of the best I’ve seen period. It ranks up there with some all time greats and is multi-layered with the fate of the human condition………….given the environment we can all be evil.

  3. Gaurav says:


    Thanks! 🙂


    I agree! I actually watched it twice in theatre on the same weekend.

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