“You are good, I am better” says X

Excerpts of  my conversations with X.


“I got call from Penn state, Nebraska and Auburn. I decided to join Penn state as it was better ranked and ….”

“Oh! I had calls from Harvard, MIT, Princeton, Stanford and Penn State. I chose Penn State as it was on the same geographical latitude as my hometown.” Said he.


“I went for skydiving sometime back. Its like tandem, with you tied to an instructor and they throw you out of a plane from 10000 ft.”

“Well, I did go for that thing when I was in high school. Just that, in my case it was solo and we jumped from around 25000ft or maybe a bit more”


X said, “I heard you went for white water rafting last weekend!”

“Yeah! It was so much fun! It was amazing” said I.

“In my case, it was not that much fun. It was more of a necessity as the cruise ship sank and I had to travel all the way from Hawaii to California on a raft” he said.

(Add a tiger and couple of other animals on boat and I just met ‘Pi’ from ‘Life of Pi’)


“I was captain of high school soccer team”

“I once reached finals of Olympics 100m trials but could not run as there was  a scheduling conflict with my movie shoot dates.


“My Dad had to spend a night in jail as he was protesting against the pay commission established by the govt.”

“Oh! My dad once killed 40 people and he has been in jail ever since.” Says X.

(I made this one up! But this is what I always imagine to soothe myself while  talking to X.)

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