100th Post! Why I blog?

100th post! (Applause!!!…….Applause!)

Thank You! (Applause dies down slowly…..)

Thanks to all those people who still read all the crappy nonsense written on this page. My apologies to all those who had nervous breakdowns with their cerebrums popping out, after reading couple of posts. I should have included a warning for you guys. Thanks, to all those people who prayed to God after reading those posts, saying “Please God! Help this retarded kid”

I could not think of a better 100th post then to design my own tombstone and present it you people. A friend of mine once asked me why I write like a retarded kid. I said, “Firstly because I am retarded! And secondly because it makes people smile!”

So that’s why I blog! I consider myself lucky if you guys smiled even once after reading any of these posts! Thanks!

3 thoughts on “100th Post! Why I blog?

  1. charumani says:

    Yupeee!!!! Congrats !!! With this century..we can expect humor taking a new roll… “la la la “

  2. specificallyvague says:

    Here’s to a 100 more! Cheers! 🙂

  3. Gaurav says:


    well lets hope, that the things go that way!…


    Cheers! [:)]

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