Firefly! Firefly!!

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of  ‘Cheetah’?

Speed! Formula 1! Jason Statham! Maurice Greene! Engine oil (the one with cheetah in its ad)


What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of ‘Fireflies’?





Yes, I don’t know why but that’s the way it is. I always relate fireflies to hope. I mean not like ‘producing-light-from-your-bottoms-and-preventing-energy-crisis’ kind of hope but just optimism and positivity. That things-will-be-fine vibe.   


I am not really a big fan of class Insecta of animal kingdom. Actually I was always the kid who would not sleep as long as that black little thing in living room had been killed my by mother. All my mother’s claims that such a small being cannot cross through two closed doors and even if it does, it is not going to harm me, were just futile speeches to my ears. The only part I really heard in that argument was ‘…what if…’ and then I would add my own imagination to it.


I mean, how can she be so sure that they won’t develop wolverine like claws at night once my mother goes to sleep. Claws bigger that their own body. Two closed doors won’t be a problem then. Right?! They might kidnap me and take me somewhere. Some place totally spooky. Only God knows what they might do to me; they might  torture me in their own ways by tying a rope to each of my ribs and hang me in a spider web or they may think that my legs are my antenna and ask me to sit upside down and narrate to them what signals am I receiving from time to time. They might ask  me secrets to human civilization, secrets to our survival, ways how insects can defeat humans. What would I tell them? Don’t worry! We will defeat ourselves! Just relax and watch whatever you watch on whatever TV like thing you have.


As a kid I always thought that my mother does not know insects very well, that she does not understand their full potential. Now after growing up and reading a whole lot of zoology, I think my mother is not alone in that class. She has company of all my friends, all my biology teachers and so many other people, who have all underestimated insects.


But that opinion has never deterred me from liking fireflies. You know how, even the evil kingdom has a king’s daughter who is always there for a just cause, always standing by truth. Fireflies are those daughters of Insecta. They always fill me with hope and positivity. Maybe it has got something to do with that twinkle in darkness thing. Small stars floating so close to earth. Its so beautiful and captivating to me that I spend so much time watching them from my window.


Have you ever seen a tree full off of fireflies and when they synchronize their ON/OFF pattern? The whole tree lights up suddenly for a second and then goes dark again. Its so amazing to watch. I sometimes wish that my whole room was full off them but then there should be some physical superplasma barrier between them and me.


Having said that, howsoever poetically beautiful they maybe in nighttime, fireflies in daytime is not my thing. During daytime, they are as scary as any other of their class!




By the way this is my 99th post! Next one is going to be special!




To S.

(who, from now on, would be reading  this blog from a distance of more than 7,500  miles),


All the Best in all your future endeavors!



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