Pop goes my brain!

I woke up early this morning and since I am not really used to such a scenario, I found myself lying in bed with nothing to do. So naturally as it happens in such scnarios, I started pondering over questions that are equally important as the events leading to Big Bang, like why water in the southern hemisphere does not fall off (which will ultimately cause water in northern hemisphere to move down and then fall off, leading to complete loss of water on earth), why lemmings have not claimed their rightful position as most intelligent race of this planet and did Dodo become extinct because they were stupid or it’s a conspiracy by Al Qaeda. Oh! Do we actually have those many planets in our solar system or just to make it look cooler in textbook diagrams they added Saturn and Jupitar.


So today I was debating over this issue whose roots lie in this video on Koke’s blog. I happened to watch this video sometime back and what they have shown is that 4 cellphone , ringing at the same time while lying nearby can be used to make popcorns. Now before you run to collect all the cell phones in house and get some frozen stuff, let me tell you something; It was a hoax! So as of now, your cellphones bought in family plan, cannot replace that microwave. And also never ever try to replace your cellphone with a microwave. It’s probably not a good idea to put your head into the microwave and dial your friend’s number on the keypad and then shout, “HELLOO!”


But that did not stop me from thinking. WHAT IF cellphones were that powerful (and dangerous). Now, imagine a situation where 4 people around me get a call at same time. Under such circumstances, will my hearing center in brain pop like a popcorn? And the most important question, will I hear the pop sound if my hearing center is the thing making that sound?


One thought on “Pop goes my brain!

  1. eatingthrough says:

    Thanks for your post – I was just thinking of lemmings yesterday.

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