Its Madhouse in there!

Imagine a small room cramped with 534 chatterbox type people, from different countries, different professional sphere and all left to tell a story at the same time. Or imagine 489 TV channels playing different stuff but all playing at the same time on a single screen. These two scenarios are kind of close description of what goes on inside my brain at any given moment. Truly! Its so messed up in there!


Even in most crazy situations I can get some most unexpected ideas or concerns. Take for example, some of the most weird thoughts that ran through my mind during my skydive. (Am sorry, I just can’t get over that event.)


Moments before I was going to jump, I had this funny feeling that one of my shoe is a bit too lose and it might come off during dive. My only concern was that where will it land if it came off. Will it hit some absolute stranger down below or will it go and hit some car windscreen? Can a shoe falling from 10000 ft break somebody’s neck/windscreen? Will I be charged for homicide by negligence in such a scenario? Will my insurance cover it? If the stranger survives, what will he think? Its like God threw a semi old sketcher on you to remind you of all the sins. It might have been perceived as warning of some sorts. Heed to the shoe or their comes somebody to deliver justice tomorrow.


And how many people do you know, who think whether their zipper is open while falling freely? I did! I mean there are times when you are sure its closed, and there are times when you are kinda sure but then there are times when you think that you might have forgot to close when you last emptied yourself.

I was falling and am thinking at the same time.

Is it open? Is it closed? Does it matter?

When will this parachute open?

Am I going to die with my zip open?



Who gets paid more? The camerawoman or my tandem trainer? Would it be good if I jump tied to camerawoman as she seems more experienced?


What if, I close my eyes while jumping from plane and realize that the plane has not got off the ground. Maybe they are all playing prank for Candid Camera or something


Why am I writing all this? Its not at all funny! There is not even a single line that is funny here. Should I publish it on blog? I should take people’s opinion before posting it…….


…..Should I?


Should I not…..Is the water on earth finishing?…..What happened to that small bird on road? Did I run it over….


What the hell?


What color was my parachute?




What the hell, again!



5 thoughts on “Its Madhouse in there!

  1. specificallyvague says:

    Man!! you were actually thinking all of those things while plummeting through the air? Really?! Zipper?! Really?!
    Actually, I was wondering about the videographer’s pay too, but am pretty sure it was before or after the actual fall! 😉

  2. specificallyvague says:

    It just occurred to me; your epithet- “The Man Who Died With His Fly Undone”! He ha ha!

  3. Kokonad says:

    Zipper?!?! Really!? 😮

    Quoting you on my post.

  4. onlymoments says:

    Sounds like a acid trip LOL!

  5. Gaurav says:

    @Specifically vague
    yup! I was thinking about all that stuff! And thanks about epithet! Its always fun to read one’s own! 🙂 Anyways, I already have one in mind. You are going to read it soon on this blog!!

    yup! really!


    Indeed! Acid trip it was! Just can’t get over it!

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