I got the power!

When was the last time you thought that you were actually controlling weather. I think God transferred me the controls of State College weather some two days back. It is going totally the way I want. I mean not as in Bruce Almighty types but more as in like it rains heavily if I want and slows down if I want to go out for laundry. I come back home and from behind my window I wished that it should pour heavily, and it did. After dinner, I wished that it should slow down and lo behold! It did slow down that very moment.

I wished that lightening tear apart that oak tree blocking view from my window and suddenly the tree was down. Tree down! Tree down! (OK! OK! I am lying now! The tree is still there)

But it was scary! Whole night I was expecting visit from some weird guy from heaven with empty weather charts and some strange sort of pen to fill them.

Let me confirm my status with authorities and if turns out to be true, then I am planning to establish a request based weather system in state college. But please no extreme weather requests during exam week!


“life is not a check-list of acquisition or achievement.”

                                                                                —J. K. Rowling

3 thoughts on “I got the power!

  1. specificallyvague says:

    Why no extreme weather requests during exam week?! Puhleeeeez..everyone likes cancelled/post-poned exams!

  2. Gauri says:

    :).. Weather-man??!!

  3. Gaurav says:

    @specifically vague

    Thats the problem…EVERYBODY likes cancelled exams!


    I guess so! 🙂

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