My First Skydive

Before the skydive

I had those dreams that I am falling freely and hitting the ground face on. There were some especially scary ones where I jumped off plane without the parachute. I also tried to explain myself that I can still survive without a parachute if I tear my T-shirt in mid-air and then use it as a small parachute.

Deep down inside, I have always believed that I am a superhero who has not realized what his actual powers are. I also had this idea that skydive-minus-parachute-scenario might be the scenario where I realize my powers. Just a thought!

A day before the actual skydive, I was camping overnight at a campground that had active bear population. There were moments when I wanted bear to come and eat me before I die by jumping out of a plane at 10000 ft. I was so sure that I am gonna die, that I wrote my will. Below is a part of that will. I never signed it because I had this belief that if I sign it, then I will die there and then.

I , Gaurav, hereby bequeath following things to aforementioned people in case of my death while skydiving.

Jeep Cherokee : To be owned jointly by S. and C. Both will share all the insurance and maintenance costs and if due to rising gas prices, one of them decides to dump it from a cliff, then the other person can veto it. Under no circumstances can they change the color of the car.

Books : Please donate it to some school in an African country whose name is most difficult to pronounce.

Oakwood Table: Donate it to oval office.

Futon , Book Rack and blah blah: Give it to all the incoming Indian students at Penn state.

Macbook: Burn/ Bury it with me. Please! Also bury half the charger cord and leave the power side out. I might need it inside.

My unpublished stories/ novel : Whoever has enough time to get them published can own them. You have full freedom to to publish them under your name but if you decide to do so, just change the name of  protagonist in each story to Gaurav.




(I am not signing it right now because I think that if I do it right now, then I will die even before I do skydiving. But consider it signed if I die during the dive.)

P.S:  I just decided that I was acting too selfish about my macbook. Donate it to some children’s organization.

Just before skydive!

All dressed up and ready to go and I realized that I love my family and friends so much. I wanted to call all of them at the same time and tell them that I love all of you. Since my present phone company does not provide this service, I took a deep breath and then said the words in my heart hoping that it will work.

Skydive itself!

The only time you are not scared of a plane crashing is when you are going for skydive. I mean you anyways have to jump. But the most scary thing is when you are sitting next to the at the plane’s hatch and they open it at 10, 000 ft. Your mouth dries up, there are clouds and more clouds and some land deep down there. Then come the words, KNEES OUT and after that its only AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! …..(brief pause for breath)……..AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

For 30 seconds (which seem like eternity) there is free fall and that’s one of the most amazing things you can experience in your life. Falling down at the speed of 125 mph, the only thing you can hear is the sound and speed of wind. And then the parachute opens, and it goes silent! Complete SILENCE! Wow!!


Its simply wow! Amazing it is!


And after 6 or so minutes, its land! I am safe guys! I am back!



4 thoughts on “My First Skydive

  1. swati says:

    wow !!!
    mujhe bhi karna hai ,
    mujhe bhi karna hai

  2. specificallyvague says:

    Have told you before, will tell you again, AWESOME VIDEO!! 🙂

  3. Gaurav says:


    aayega aayega aapka number bhi aayega! 🙂

    @Specifically vague

    Thank you! 🙂

  4. Nitin says:

    That was a breathtaking one man..m still confused why u didn’t make ny gesture or wave ur hands during this memorable xperience. Like ppl do wen they r on an adventurous joyride..due to sheer xcitement..u know.
    Either u were too nervous or having a thot tat i would nt b able to c this video myself.. 🙂
    nyways, it was a gud one..keep it up.

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