My throat sounds like a ’29 Indian without Muffler!

I might be the one of those 0.0000001% people, who suffer from cold and cough only when summer is at its peak. The biggest problem is that even though you are citing real reason in mail to your lab adviser , he feels that you are bluffing. 

So right now my throat sounds like a ’29 Indian bike that has lost its muffler. Yeah it is that bad and I realized that situation is so bad yesterday morning when I tried to shout at my apartment-mate’s door. He came out of room sniffing each and every electronic moving part in the house. His reason being that he just heard some loud harsh metallic noise.

Anyways, I am trying all sorts of medicine. I am taking Tylenol Cough which makes me feel sleepy all day and night long. A sleep without any dreams. I tried some Ayurvedic medicine, which supposedly all my friends have tried at some point in their life, to a good result. So I am hopeful. I am also thinking of taking some of my friends’ homeopathic medicine. Does not matter what he uses them for, I think they are all same anyways. Besides all this I have been trying some acupressure too. I have been trying to strangle myself for sometime now. But I am not telling it to my friends, as they would all jump in to help me in this one.

And if none of this works, I might put some small pins through my throat. Acupuncture will definitely work!


Did they actually have mufflers on ’29 Indian?

I am assuming the answers to be ‘Yes’ because my grandpa retained his hearing capacity till pretty late in his life. So the bikes obviously had some sort of decibel control in his young days.

3 thoughts on “My throat sounds like a ’29 Indian without Muffler!

  1. vikas says:

    sir it sound that you have been very eager to take every type of medicine to cure your soar throat, what i suggest is that better take warm water add some salt and do gargle for one or two mornings u will be fine. poking pins is also a good option but by that it is more likely that along with a soar throat you might also get a punctured throat and i doubt that in ur state u wont have those gr8 puncture waallaas that can fix any punctured tubes as here in India and which i think will make this ur last comment on this site, so better take care……

  2. onlymoments says:

    Well, I left a comment to try and help you out but it disappeared into thin air…..???????

  3. Gaurav says:

    thanks! but i guess did survive that ordeal! its just that there water spills out of pores in my throat now. So I am putting good use of duct tape.

    @only moments


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