A Sad one and a Good one!

Sad Story!

I have gone bankrupt on my jokes.

I cut my finger yesterday while cutting oranges.

I spent $800 on my car and it came out of service station with more scratches and cracks than it had previously.

None of my novels is moving forward.

I took more than a week to finish one short story.

Research is also not coming good. God only knows what is wrong with those cells.  

All this and much more and I am more than 15,000 miles away from home.



Good Story!


I am still better than those at International Space Station. Poor lot, they are without a proper functional loo for quite a few days now.

(I know! I am very mean, I am always trying to find somebody more hapless than me.)

One thought on “A Sad one and a Good one!

  1. Kokonad says:

    It’s a matter of time, as you put it so often. Things will look up soon. Very soon. 🙂 I know. Good things happen to nice people.

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