Ossyidius C. Clarke

Interviewer: Hello Dr. Ossyidius C. Clarke.

O.C. Clarke: Hey! Hi! I am amazed that we still use the words like “Hello and Hi”.

Interviewer: So you are the oldest man on this earth.

OCC: Yes my son! At least the records say so. Last week, I turned 10, 000 years old.

Interviewer: Wow! that’s simply amazing.




Interviewer: So what do you think is the greatest mistake of human civilization?

OCC: I would say that we should have never stolen fire. We should have made something on our own. Something different, entirely different!

Interviewer: Oh well! I think we have enough proofs to say that we made it ourselves, by striking stones or something like that actually.

OCC: In that case we should have caught and hanged the person who first wrote that we stole fire. Liar to the core! He built a fake world for me.





Please welcome Dr. Ossyidius C. Clarke on the blog. You might see more of him here in future. He is everything; the oldest man, the greatest hero, a speck, a plane, a superhero, a bird, a toaster, a seed (actually coffee bean), …everything.



3 thoughts on “Ossyidius C. Clarke

  1. specificallyvague says:

    Welcome, Dr. Ossyidius C. Clarke! 🙂

  2. Gaurav says:

    @specifically vague

    Thank you! Thank you 🙂

  3. Charu says:

    ohhh!! I missed reading this interview with Dr Clarke!! How are you doing?It is good to see you here!

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