Boston Trip

I am back from my trip and after sleeping continuously for last 24 hrs, I have regained the balance of my sleeping to non sleeping hours. (Normal Ratio = 0.6). Anyways, the trip was great. Boston as always inspired me again to work hard as a scientist. I was so determined to try those couple of brilliant ideas as soon as I get back to lab but then I went to Newport the next day and my commitment towards research became hazy behind the beauty of beaches and richness of mansions. I, now think that I should move to modeling or acting or something else that can give me enough money to buy one of those mansions.

I also realized that I have reached an age where I can start giving advice. So here it is, my first advice for you guys.

Some of the most amazing things in life are:

  1. Friends
  2. Ice Cream
  3. Ice cream with friends at 3.00 AM.
  4. Coasters that look like miniature bamboo rafts.  You can make almost everything with them; hut, boat, mouth organ, flute……

(Normal nonsense programming will resume soon!) 

One thought on “Boston Trip

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