Just next to my lab is this lab which has lot of Chinese students. No, not for experimentation purposes but they are actually researchers trying to decipher secrets behind brain function. Our lab and that Chinese lab share this common corridor and every time they want to go to their lab, they have to a pass in front of my desk.

 Anyways, so today I don’t know what happened to one of their Chinese students. Everytime he passes by my desk, and nears his lab he makes this loud noise saying, “Eeiyyahhh!”. 

 The typical sound that you hear in those martial art movies that is accompanied by a pose in which left arm is stretched in front with left hand facing the opponent like a mirror. At the same time, the right hand is bent at elbow and right hand makes a claw like shape. (please reverse left-right if you are left handed or you are watching your martial art movies in mirror). And then while you push your claw shaped right hand forward, you make this sound, ” Eeiyyahhh!!”.

 But what is funny here is that he is making it while walking normally and I have heard it like 20 times till now. I don’t know why he is doing so; either he has nailed some really really complex mystery of neuroscience (something like why can’t I ever remember the name of that red haired green eyed girl in my class or something like why do I always skip 67 while counting or something like why can’t we imagine a superhero without cape or blah blah) or he has finally figured out the difference between male and female brain.

 Or PhD has increased its toll on him. I guess one of these days, when I get saturated with all those new ideas and concepts, you will also find me shouting, “Eeiyyahh!” while walking hopelessly on road.




 Long weekend! Yippee! I am going to Boston and couple other places near Boston. What are you guys doing?

Boston is one city that always inspires me to work harder in my scientific career.(Harvard-MIT effect) But that inspiration lasts only one week! After that I am back to my procrastinating best!


I am such a loser.



 I tried to shoot a short movie last weekend. Wrote a modified version of ‘Alex And Emma’, with lot of new subplots and characters thrown in and carefully diverting from the old plot.


But the shooting never took off. All my cast members overslept and by the time they woke up, it was time for their writer-director to go to sleep.


You know who my inspiration is in terms of film making. It is none other than “Ed Wood”. If you don’t know him, don’t worry, just check the Wiki entry about this ‘worst director of all times’ and do watch the Tim Burton movie by same name.



 Have a great weekend!  



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