Flavor Of Love

Have you ever watched it? Ever?

I know you have jobs and work and blah blah at hand but still, have you ever watched it? You should!

I am no fan of reality TV. Not at all. But this is something I could not skip on TV the other day. I was doing the channel surfing as usual. I always play this game where I try to see how fast can I make a TV remote run out of its battery. Also sometimes I shuffle between the movie channels to watch 3-4 different movies at the same time.

Anyways, so one of these days, my fingers stopped dead on remote at the site of this dude (yeah!! Dude) with a big wall clock hanging from his neck and wearing a metal horned helmet. He was also saying something, which I did not quite comprehend. I initially thought it was some sort of spoof on Vikings or an advertisement of some clock or just a footage of torture in Guantanamo. But it happened to be this reality TV sensation ‘Flavor Of Love’. And our dude happens to be Flavor Flav. (wow!! amazing name!)

This is what the show is all about:

Twenty different ladies compete for Flavor Flav‘s heart as they live together in a mansion in Encino, California. He is helped in his quest by his bodyguard and chauffeur named “Big Rick”. He was also assisted by his mother, as well as his former romantic partner

How do you get twenty such ladies. Isn’t it hard to find 20 such girls who go drooling over this 49 year old ‘dude with golden braces’ of ours and the fact that the show is starting its 3rd season, getting 60 such ladies is an amazing feat!

Oh! And what’s up with this clock in neck?

Flavor is known for the clock he wears around his neck, which started as a joke

Oh yeah! A joke! I think it still looks like a joke!! I might be wrong though!

In December of 1996, he (Flavor Flav) was arrested for two pounds of marijuana. He is a hip-hop comedian for the group Public Enemy, in addition to being an amazing pianist, guitarist, and drummer. He has eight known children.

‘known eight children’!!! So what is this? Since you can’t keep a count of your children, you start finding your love on TV and let public keep a count of what goes on. And then you also have a big (really big) clock to tell you the time when you can’t read time in wristwatch under the influence of marijuana.

 Flav has more than one trademark, the others include wearing a metal-horned helmet and vibrant colors such as pink.

Oh! My eyes! My eyes!

That brings me back to start of this blog. Why did I say that you should watch Flavor of Love?

I said that because the first time I saw into a welding torch directly, I thought I would go blind. So I told everybody to go and see it directly because I did not want to be the only blind kid in class.

I am very mean!! Yes I am!


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