Crazy People!

Did you see that NEWS about that ritual at a particular temple in India, where they drop new born babies from around 50 feet and people catch them below. Apparently this is considered good for the kids.


What is it? Some kind of answer to Spartan tradition of throwing kids to wolves.


But in that case aren’t we late by quite some years?


What are they actually expecting to happen to kids. That some day, one of the kids is going to change course mid way through free fall. If he floats up instead of falling down, they are going to worship him as God. Monaco Biscuits is going to hire him as their brand ambassador.


If a kid, stops mid way and then flies away in  different direction. They are going to shoot bullets at him and if he still survives, then put a headline in morning daily about the birth of a new real Superman.


Or are they trying to find a baby who can defy gravity and shoot fire out of his mouth. That would be the birth of devil and sign for the end of world.


What exactly are you expecting from this ritual. I mean throwing newborns 50 feet down and then let somebody catch those kids on a bedsheet held by a bunch of people. I know you love playing Cricket but please for God’s sake, go and catch ball!


God’s Sake! Ya God’s Sake!



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