Commercial Breaks

Who came up with the idea of ‘commercial breaks’?

I hate that person. I really do. Am pretty sure he/she also did not expect people to make pathetic ads like Comcast and others. But was that just a move for earning money or was there any other ulterior motive like a slow mental death of human race and handing those brain dead zombies to some alien race.   

Yes Sir/Madam, I did lose some of my brain cells after watching that Comcast advertisement in which a man is sitting in a car wearing some conical shaped costume in which he barely looks like a bullet and I think a cop catches him and a message is flashed–> Faster then a speeding bullet–>Comcast. (each alphabet in different color)

Oh! and can you beat that one where they talk about Rhinovirus and they actually show a Rhinoceros next to a sick man.

Besides the whole point that 90% of its advertisement being crappy and abysmal in terms of creativity in this part of world, what is the whole point in stopping a story in between and flash a rhinoceros. or something else. (well as long as its some blonde…its still OK)

And what is the whole point in having commercial breaks on all the channels at the same time. Why can’t we have like one channel solely devoted to advertisements. (I want to see the ratings of that channel).


Oh! I just noticed that most people read blogs on Tuesday. At least thats a pattern that I see from hits on my page. Is that the case with everybody? I am amused at seeing this pattern being repeated for quite sometime now.



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