What Kind of Steam Engine are you?!

Besides the fact that I am writing this blog while hanging upside down from an aspen tree, there is nothing unusual about this post. Its one of those usual rants of an insane van de graff generator.

(Ok! I don’t know I am so smitten with the idea of calling my brain a van de graff generator. I guess it has got to do something with those sparks inside both of them.)

Anyways, is it only me or everybody is amused with those quizzes on blogosphere that keep on assigning you different identities based on certain set of questions. Yeah am talking about these:


What kind of monster are you?

What kind of Sex and the City character are you?

Which Bollywood actor are you?

Which color are you? (isn’t that racist?!)

Which flavor of ice cream are you? (yeah! go eat yourself!)

What kind of plant are you?

What vegetable are you? (I did not take that one fearing it might give broccoli back as an answer)

What kind of toy are you?

What kind of laptop are you?

What kind of baby diaper are you?


Oh! And I came up with this one.


What kind of steam engine are you?


Did you read that report on CNN sometime back which said that regular altercations among couples is good for their married life.


Thank God, I came to know about this with quite some years left before I actually enter that sphere. But earnest as I am in my preparations for life, I have applied to this Anti-Anger management school for summer. 


Does anybody know a word for ‘fear of broccoli’. I was not able to find one. so I coined my own term for that ‘Brachiuolliphobia’. (Latin word Brachium+olli+phobia).

I am Brachiuolliphobic!



2 thoughts on “What Kind of Steam Engine are you?!

  1. planetross says:

    Broccoliago or Broccoliobic sound pretty good too!

  2. Gaurav says:


    yup they sure do…I just wanted a bit of latin thrown in.. 🙂

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