I am Environment Friendly!

My laziness and procrastination towards laundry has got a new name. Environment friendly. Energy Conservation. Check out this video by United nations Energy Program. 

The video says: Wear your jeans at least three times before going to laundry and wash it in cold water. No ironing and you have consumed 5% less energy.

Since I am more environmental friendly than most of you guys (Yeah true!) , I wear all my jeans 6 times or more before doing laundry.  Then I use cold water to wash my clothes. As an extra energy conservation step, I don’t even plug washer to electricity. I rotate washer-dryer using mechanical energy generated by my biceps. 

Ironing? whats that!

Yup! I am no lazy! I am a Captain Planeteer!

4 thoughts on “I am Environment Friendly!

  1. photointern says:

    haha. true, true

  2. Devashree says:

    Hmmm I was wondering what the outcomes of your little ‘energy conservation mania’ would be during summer! 😛

  3. Gaurav says:




    well don’t worry…I am not gonna stink. I have some other tricks up my sleeve..hopefully! 🙂

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