Dragged Along Jockey

The same old clichéd question was posed to me, yet one more time.

“How is life going on?” my friend asked on phone.

I could have easily said, “Good..great!” but then I don’t believe in giving clichéd replies. So here is what I said,

“Do you know the feeling that you are a jockey and have fallen off the horseback but your fate is more ruthless than you ever imagined? So although you have fallen from horseback, you are still entangled in the foothold of saddle. So, the horse is galloping at its full speed and you are being dragged along, hanging upside down. Every now and then your head hits a small stone in the grainy racecourse soil. Since you still haven’t got a spring instead of vertebral column in your back, there is no way you can climb back on horse.

By the time you and thousands of spectators have got used to this view, the only thing you wish is for the race to end. Something inside tells that you are definitely going to perform better in next race.

I know that feeling!”


My friend went silent for a couple of seconds after I gave this reply!



4 thoughts on “Dragged Along Jockey

  1. specificallyvague says:

    Ha ha ha! So typically you! 🙂
    And I know that feeling too! 😀

  2. onlymoments says:

    Some days your the head and some days your the asshole, anatomy dictates that your head and asshole are connected so you just wait for turnaround…….LOL!

  3. onlymoments says:

    damn it’s hard to see typing in black but now I see the grammatical error

    I meant “you’re” not your the first two times…………lol

  4. Gaurav says:


    I guess its PhD students know that feeling!


    LOL… 🙂

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