Love thy Neighbors

“Love thy neighbors, as they will be the one to select your bride”

Well not directly, but in a way! Specially if you are in India because your neighbors are the ones who bring all those photographs of prospective brides to your parents. (My parents still use the matrimonial section of newspaper as bottom layer in book racks and they have never checked Matrimonial sites on web.) So our neighbors are the ones defining the total sample space in this regard.

I just want to let my neighbors know that I am really sorry for incidents like when I broke one of their son’s tibia while playing football. I hope you will also forget the day when I burst a firecracker in a paint can and all their walls had spots of red paint thereafter.

Oh! And it was a sincere mistake, when I had built that really small pond outside your gate, and your daughter had caught malaria from mosquitoes that had bred in that pond. I was just trying to see fishes and I believed that if I had stagnant water somewhere, fishes would appear on their own. And besides, you looked like fish-lovers.

It was just fate and your son’s weight that broke the small rope bridge that we had made. We had just finished making the rope bridge and tying it between two trees. We needed somebody to test it, so we tossed the coin and your son lost. So it was just fate and then it was your son’s weight that was too much for that rope.

Oh also when your son fell off my bike, it was not really my mistake. Its just that the carrier broke all of a sudden. (Well it was loose for sometime and I was going to tighten it pretty soon!)

I am also sorry for that aluminum foil ball hitting your head. I had no intention of making fun of your bald head, which as matter of fact was more shiny than ball itself.

I am also sorry for those numerous broken glass panes. I was just trying to give you the opportunity to living next door to a great cricketer. Had I made it to Indian team, I would have built you a whole glass palace. (Of course with a solid walled bathroom!)

I know, I am doomed! (The good part though is that I have quite a few years before they start bringing those pictures to my parents and take revenge for all those things)

2 thoughts on “Love thy Neighbors

  1. Ankur says:

    i still remember the “firecracker in the paintcan”. Thank god,,,,,white wash of that house was still going on,,,,,this was one of those creative ideas which no other boy in the gag expected would bring so much wonders…..

  2. onlymoments says:

    Damn man, sounds like “Flatliners” revisited. I’m sorry for drinking the altar wine and eating the communion hosts when I was an altar boy………..well, maybe not

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