Indian Gothic Horror! Really? No…

(Some random graveyard in middle of nowhere…..)

Our hero’s car stops running all of a sudden and even after moving key in all the directions, it fails to start.

It’s a stormy weather. Lightening seems to be repeating the exact same pattern in sky. Roaring of tin sheets repeats itself. Oh! Sorry that’s thunder. Thundering storm it is! My apologies.

The ground in graveyard seems to be moving. Oh yes it shakes and moves up. Something below is buzzing, trying to get out. Trying hard. After three trials, that something manages to bring his one hand out of his grave. Second hand follows.
Finally the guy, dude, grotesque beast, Dracula type thingie, ghost, demon, whatever, somebody in funny grotesque mask, 4 teeth red with blood, comes out of his grave.

Suddenly the scene shifts to some girls’s bathroom. What! Is something missing.? Is the reel missing? Anyways…

(The same scene has been repeated in about 300 movies. I may be way off in that number but I have definitely not exceeded that actual number.)

I actually love those old Indian movie attempts at Gothic horror and likes! The Ramsey brother factory. Wow!!

3 thoughts on “Indian Gothic Horror! Really? No…

  1. yaake says:

    When I was watching Om Shanti Om, I half expected Shah Rukh Khan to return as a Zombie…lol… Don’t you think its high time Bollywood entered the Zombie Era? 😀

  2. Gaurav says:


    So true! We do need Zombie movies in India…..But ya had never imagined SRK as zombie in OSO…that would have been really funny!!..:)

  3. Ankur says:

    these movies may not be able their purpose,bro……..but still create non-sense humour

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