Being Watched

Ya know what, Man! Ma favorite movie gotta be “The Truman Show”. Yeah man yeah. Yo baby!

Ok, I don’t know why I wrote the above lines like that but it is just my stupid instinct. But yes, ‘Truman Show’ happens to be one of my favorite movies. Well I distinctly remember the first time I watched it. I felt this little something inside me saying that I was the actual Truman Burbank.

I was a high school kid then and for quite some years I had been harboring this idea that I was being watched. Being watched everywhere. Almost Everywhere actually, as I believed that howsoever bad my watcher maybe, but they were working in close collaboration with my parents and my parents would not allow somebody to watch me in loo. And then I saw this movie about the guy whose whole life was actually running live as a TV Show. I watched this movie and then said, “Damn!”. For quite somedays after this, I was trying to find a camera in everything. I truly believed that the light bulbs at my place were TV Cameras and people around me had deliberately not imparted me this knowledge about light bulbs.I had this firm belief that the movie was made just to see my reaction to movie.

That feeling keeps on visiting me till this day. Not to that extent though. I sometimes feel that I don’t have to post a blog after I have written it. I guess that people have already seen me punching every word on keyboard. So they already know what I am going to say once I say press. The story continues my friends, the story continues……..

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