Liked this tag and so picked it from Gauri’s blogpage. Its like that dialogue from old Hindi film when villain used to say “hamey jo pasand aata hain, hum utha lete hain“. Pathetic!  

Life 10 years ago-Was fun in school, with no pressure and full of pun and pranks on classmates. The only things of concern were football, athletics, quiz team and class homework diary. 


Life 5 years ago– First year of college. No worry about career and other stuff till then. Full of cricket with new friends. And yes pranks and puns on classmates. Was basking in the glory of studying Biotechnology (A subject which nobody seemed to know but everybody thought was the next big thing).


Life Tomorrow

In a world where 110 people die every year due to coconut falling on their head, I think thinking about a ‘life tomorrow’ is bit of a  worthless endeavour.


Five locations I would love to run away to:



Bellafonte, Pennsylvania, USA (I haven’t seen the one in Switzerland)


5th one, I will keep a secret so that one day when I become a celebrity author, I have a place to run and hide from media glare.


Five Bad Habits I have

Too much of sleeping

Talking On and On and On….. (and that too nonsense!)

Rarely picking up my cellphone.

I believe that I have only 3 bad habits. 


Five things I will Never Wear

Pink Shirt

Pink T Shirt

Yellow trousers

Fluorescent green track pants.

Those bagpiper uniforms.


Something to achieve by next year

Get a scientific publication. Strange how start of my literary career depends on when I get a scientific paper published.


Something that impacted me last year

I saw this movie “Man on the Moon”. Based on the life of eccentric funnyman Andy Kaufman, it changed my perspective on humor and life in general.


Five things I want to do before I die

 I will try to make this list before I die




2 thoughts on “Tag!

  1. Saumya says:

    Oye, when are you running away to Boston next? Make it soon baba! 🙂

  2. Gaurav says:

    Soon!…Pretty soon! 🙂

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