Antisense Unplugged

My last post must have assured you that I am still alive. I had just gone into hibernation. Was just trying to see Whats-so-about-it. So I official declare that its fun although remember that you are not polar bear, so will have to make some changes from a hibernation plan followed by polar bears.

So during my last few days, I read this book titled “Stupid and Contagious” by Caprice Crane. I thought it was going to be a comedy but it turned out to be a romantic comedy. The book was a good read and I did burst out laughing at some moments. The whole book reads more like a movie script. I was imagining Drew Barrymore in lead role during the whole book. I still haven’t finalized the male lead. Oh! By the way, I heard that Drew Barrymore is going around with Justin Long. That gives me one more reason to feel good when I say “I am Mac”.

I drove down to Pittsburgh over the weekend. The weather was bad and even before the start of my trip my windshield developed a crack. I will wait till the crack develops a dendritic structure and then I might decide to drive the car without a windshield. Anyways the trip was neither so good nor so bad. Oh! And will somebody please tell me why do they have so many traffic lights on US-22, especially around Pittsburgh. (I nearly jumped one of them.) Isn’t it supposed to be a highway.

I was thinking of posting pictures clicked by me on blog too. I am not a great photographer but I am not that bad either. And I don’t care about opinions too. (at least on that front.)

Spring Break has started today. That means undergrads would be away for whole week and I would be eating apples and posting more often. I don’t know why I included apple in last sentence but that’s what I am doing right now; Eating an apple and writing a blog.

Sigur Ros came up with a movie ‘Heima’ about their free performances in their home country Iceland. I decided to watch that but got bored with their Icelandic accent laden English after sometime. I like Sigur Ros. There music has this depth to it. (Can’t explain what depth of music means but that the way it is.)

I think that’s good for today. Time to go to sleep now

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