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Love thy Neighbors

“Love thy neighbors, as they will be the one to select your bride”

Well not directly, but in a way! Specially if you are in India because your neighbors are the ones who bring all those photographs of prospective brides to your parents. (My parents still use the matrimonial section of newspaper as bottom layer in book racks and they have never checked Matrimonial sites on web.) So our neighbors are the ones defining the total sample space in this regard.

I just want to let my neighbors know that I am really sorry for incidents like when I broke one of their son’s tibia while playing football. I hope you will also forget the day when I burst a firecracker in a paint can and all their walls had spots of red paint thereafter.

Oh! And it was a sincere mistake, when I had built that really small pond outside your gate, and your daughter had caught malaria from mosquitoes that had bred in that pond. I was just trying to see fishes and I believed that if I had stagnant water somewhere, fishes would appear on their own. And besides, you looked like fish-lovers.

It was just fate and your son’s weight that broke the small rope bridge that we had made. We had just finished making the rope bridge and tying it between two trees. We needed somebody to test it, so we tossed the coin and your son lost. So it was just fate and then it was your son’s weight that was too much for that rope.

Oh also when your son fell off my bike, it was not really my mistake. Its just that the carrier broke all of a sudden. (Well it was loose for sometime and I was going to tighten it pretty soon!)

I am also sorry for that aluminum foil ball hitting your head. I had no intention of making fun of your bald head, which as matter of fact was more shiny than ball itself.

I am also sorry for those numerous broken glass panes. I was just trying to give you the opportunity to living next door to a great cricketer. Had I made it to Indian team, I would have built you a whole glass palace. (Of course with a solid walled bathroom!)

I know, I am doomed! (The good part though is that I have quite a few years before they start bringing those pictures to my parents and take revenge for all those things)


Indian Gothic Horror! Really? No…

(Some random graveyard in middle of nowhere…..)

Our hero’s car stops running all of a sudden and even after moving key in all the directions, it fails to start.

It’s a stormy weather. Lightening seems to be repeating the exact same pattern in sky. Roaring of tin sheets repeats itself. Oh! Sorry that’s thunder. Thundering storm it is! My apologies.

The ground in graveyard seems to be moving. Oh yes it shakes and moves up. Something below is buzzing, trying to get out. Trying hard. After three trials, that something manages to bring his one hand out of his grave. Second hand follows.
Finally the guy, dude, grotesque beast, Dracula type thingie, ghost, demon, whatever, somebody in funny grotesque mask, 4 teeth red with blood, comes out of his grave.

Suddenly the scene shifts to some girls’s bathroom. What! Is something missing.? Is the reel missing? Anyways…

(The same scene has been repeated in about 300 movies. I may be way off in that number but I have definitely not exceeded that actual number.)

I actually love those old Indian movie attempts at Gothic horror and likes! The Ramsey brother factory. Wow!!

Being Watched

Ya know what, Man! Ma favorite movie gotta be “The Truman Show”. Yeah man yeah. Yo baby!

Ok, I don’t know why I wrote the above lines like that but it is just my stupid instinct. But yes, ‘Truman Show’ happens to be one of my favorite movies. Well I distinctly remember the first time I watched it. I felt this little something inside me saying that I was the actual Truman Burbank.

I was a high school kid then and for quite some years I had been harboring this idea that I was being watched. Being watched everywhere. Almost Everywhere actually, as I believed that howsoever bad my watcher maybe, but they were working in close collaboration with my parents and my parents would not allow somebody to watch me in loo. And then I saw this movie about the guy whose whole life was actually running live as a TV Show. I watched this movie and then said, “Damn!”. For quite somedays after this, I was trying to find a camera in everything. I truly believed that the light bulbs at my place were TV Cameras and people around me had deliberately not imparted me this knowledge about light bulbs.I had this firm belief that the movie was made just to see my reaction to movie.

That feeling keeps on visiting me till this day. Not to that extent though. I sometimes feel that I don’t have to post a blog after I have written it. I guess that people have already seen me punching every word on keyboard. So they already know what I am going to say once I say press. The story continues my friends, the story continues……..

Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

My introduction to Vonnegut was when I saw him on Daily Show; an old man with weird hairdo and a great sense of humor. On my next trip to Barnes and Noble, I read his book, “A Man without Country”. I finished that book in one seating and that too when I should have been reading about dendrites and axons for my candidacy exam. But such strong is the grasp of his writing that you don’t want to get away from that grasp. Its only the book that ends, but your thirst for what is in the book lingers on. I had so much wished that the book was longer and covered more topics. What touched me most about that book was the subtle humor that coated all the serious issues. Sarcasm, if used properly increases readers interest and the same time can help writer to communicate something that can’t be said otherwise. Take for example this quote from the book, “You think Arabs are stupid, Try doing long divisions using roman numerals.”

My second Vonnegut book was “Cat’s Cradle”. I would say that it is another masterpiece. Although its not that humor coated but sarcasm is still there on each and every page. Although the plot may be straightaway outlandish but what stands out is the theme behind that plot. The book introduces a world of new religion, existence of religion as a diversion from other problems, and the world dying at the hands of its own people. A world that is not much different from ours. ‘Cats cradle’ is book that forces you to think that where as a mankind we are heading; certainly not towards a complex robotic world as shown in all those Science Fiction movies but towards a very simplistic end.

I have read his other works like ‘Breakfast for Champions’ and ‘Hocus Pocus’ and what stands out with each book is “How shallow and worthless are we as mankind”. As Vonnegut himself says in his book, “….the earth’s immune system is trying to get rid of us…”.

I am a big fan of Kurt Vonnegut and his writings.

I found another interesting video on him where he is dispensing advice on how to write a short story.

Antisense Unplugged

My last post must have assured you that I am still alive. I had just gone into hibernation. Was just trying to see Whats-so-about-it. So I official declare that its fun although remember that you are not polar bear, so will have to make some changes from a hibernation plan followed by polar bears.

So during my last few days, I read this book titled “Stupid and Contagious” by Caprice Crane. I thought it was going to be a comedy but it turned out to be a romantic comedy. The book was a good read and I did burst out laughing at some moments. The whole book reads more like a movie script. I was imagining Drew Barrymore in lead role during the whole book. I still haven’t finalized the male lead. Oh! By the way, I heard that Drew Barrymore is going around with Justin Long. That gives me one more reason to feel good when I say “I am Mac”.

I drove down to Pittsburgh over the weekend. The weather was bad and even before the start of my trip my windshield developed a crack. I will wait till the crack develops a dendritic structure and then I might decide to drive the car without a windshield. Anyways the trip was neither so good nor so bad. Oh! And will somebody please tell me why do they have so many traffic lights on US-22, especially around Pittsburgh. (I nearly jumped one of them.) Isn’t it supposed to be a highway.

I was thinking of posting pictures clicked by me on blog too. I am not a great photographer but I am not that bad either. And I don’t care about opinions too. (at least on that front.)

Spring Break has started today. That means undergrads would be away for whole week and I would be eating apples and posting more often. I don’t know why I included apple in last sentence but that’s what I am doing right now; Eating an apple and writing a blog.

Sigur Ros came up with a movie ‘Heima’ about their free performances in their home country Iceland. I decided to watch that but got bored with their Icelandic accent laden English after sometime. I like Sigur Ros. There music has this depth to it. (Can’t explain what depth of music means but that the way it is.)

I think that’s good for today. Time to go to sleep now


Liked this tag and so picked it from Gauri’s blogpage. Its like that dialogue from old Hindi film when villain used to say “hamey jo pasand aata hain, hum utha lete hain“. Pathetic!  

Life 10 years ago-Was fun in school, with no pressure and full of pun and pranks on classmates. The only things of concern were football, athletics, quiz team and class homework diary. 


Life 5 years ago– First year of college. No worry about career and other stuff till then. Full of cricket with new friends. And yes pranks and puns on classmates. Was basking in the glory of studying Biotechnology (A subject which nobody seemed to know but everybody thought was the next big thing).


Life Tomorrow

In a world where 110 people die every year due to coconut falling on their head, I think thinking about a ‘life tomorrow’ is bit of a  worthless endeavour.


Five locations I would love to run away to:



Bellafonte, Pennsylvania, USA (I haven’t seen the one in Switzerland)


5th one, I will keep a secret so that one day when I become a celebrity author, I have a place to run and hide from media glare.


Five Bad Habits I have

Too much of sleeping

Talking On and On and On….. (and that too nonsense!)

Rarely picking up my cellphone.

I believe that I have only 3 bad habits. 


Five things I will Never Wear

Pink Shirt

Pink T Shirt

Yellow trousers

Fluorescent green track pants.

Those bagpiper uniforms.


Something to achieve by next year

Get a scientific publication. Strange how start of my literary career depends on when I get a scientific paper published.


Something that impacted me last year

I saw this movie “Man on the Moon”. Based on the life of eccentric funnyman Andy Kaufman, it changed my perspective on humor and life in general.


Five things I want to do before I die

 I will try to make this list before I die