Daily Archives: February 12, 2008

Saudi Ban on Red for V-Day

Saudi Arabia has banned everything Red for Valentine’s Day. Conservatives in the country think that it’s a sin to celebrate a festival that does not belong to their faith. Short sightedness of these conservative groups never ceases to amaze me.

‘Ban everything Red’

Its a damn funny slogan. Oh! I can suggest something here, Have this painted in Red color on white background.

Anyways so these are things that are banned in Saudi Arabia till Valentine’s Day:

Red Roses: Obviously, that’s the main target of ban. But if you really love someone and you are in Saudi Arabia and you are ready to take on the whole country for him/her. Go ahead and either use a different colored flower or else red ones are available in black market.

Fire Trucks: I don’t know what colored fire trucks are there in Saudi Arabia but if they are red, then coming three days are going to be free pass days for arsonists.

All Danger Signs: Well if you are in some danger and you raise a red flag as warning signal, believe me you would be in two kind of trouble at the same time.

Chubby Red Cheeks: If you have those chubby red cheeks which always gather compliments, then these few days are not for you. If you are in Saudi Arabia, then stay grounded till V-Day.

Blood Banks: It is all red in there too!

Tarantino Movies: Too much bloodshed! Too much red color! So nobody watches Tarantino movies till Valentine’s Day. (As if somebody prefers to watch Hostel with his/her love on a Valentine’s Day)

Superman: Super hero in a red cape and red underwear! Not allowed Sir! Save the world after two days!