Daily Archives: February 4, 2008

Italian Nude Models, Dark Ages & Al Gore!

Nude models of Italy have gone on strike. The problem they have with the ‘clothed’ people is that they are not given dues for their work and most of them are not getting salaries and contracts worth their jobs.

Some people are overlooking this as just another piece of worthless news but I believe that this can lead to problems of monumental proportions. Here’s how.

If they stop working, we are not going to get any of the new artists in the field of nude art. So that field is doomed. The only other things artists can then paint are landscapes and abstract. Al Gore has already shown us that we are already heading towards doom when it comes to environment. So you cant get any of those ‘feel good’ landscapes for painting. Regarding abstract paintings, people are interested in that stuff only till they don’t understand what is on the canvas. Research shows that we are moving towards a more intelligent life form. A man with more brain power so as to say. More brain power on average would mean that everybody understands the abstract paintings. This would lead to people loosing interest in that kind of work.

Religion is anyways loosing its charm. The time is not far away when every other person will have his or her own religion.

In a nutshell, we are heading towards another dark ages. Striking Italian models can be a step towards Dark Ages. So to avoid another Dark Ages, support the Italian models!