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Serious Talk!…Do I have right to remain silent?

First tag from IndieQuill. Yipee! But..what … Oh crap! I never write about Family and friends! I am doomed! Yes that was my flow of emotions, when I first noticed this tag:

Post 5 links to 5 of your previously written posts. The posts have to relate to the 5 key words given (family, friend, yourself, your love, anything you like). Tag 5 other friends to do this meme. Try to tag at least 2 new acquaintances (if not, your current blog buddies will do) so that you get to know them each a little bit better.

Well I may not sound that brave in my blogs but the fact that I am doing this tag should be a testimony to my bravery. Bravery exhibited by some in situations when one has nothing to say but he/she has to say something regardless. Last time, I was in a similar situation was when I was talking to some Japanese about their vehicle emission norms. I actually explained to them what effect their vehicles are having on populations of Duck Billed Platypus.

(There is nothing of importance ahead. So you can happily go back to your coffee and next tab)

I never review my old posts. That makes me doubt my mental integrity. Whenever I read something that I had written long time back, I end up asking this question to myself, “Am I plain retarded or a schizophrenic with an alter ego that is sane?”

Oh! Back to tag!

Family: I never write about my family on my blog. Simply because most of my blogs are tagged nonsense and, my brother reads my blog, and I love the food that I get at home. The only fleeting mention that you might find about my family is this complaint I had with them.

Friends: Same thing again. I think the only time I wrote about my friends was in this post on old Antisense Strand (I had just started blogging then!).

Me: This one is easy. Making fun of myself is easy and it comes naturally to me. I have a lot of posts about me. There is one on what I want to be, one on what I am not, and then about my pseudonames.

Love: This one touched my heart. Seriously! I am crying now (that’s because I haven’t got breakfast till now!). Actually the only post that I might have written about my love is this one where I declare I am hopelessly single.

Anything I like: I like writing nonsense. There are many such entries on this blog. But the one that I liked most is this one on Superman.

Time to pass on the tag now. So here I go, I tag: Gauri, Kokknad :), Charumani, Devashree, Swati.

I Support…


PETA (People for Ethical Treatment to Animals)
I support them for their nude protests. The cause is not really an attraction to me.

PETPA(People for Ethical Treatment of People by Animals).
I was bit by a dog once and it was not at all an ethical bite. As animals they deserve a right to bite but there should be allotted anatomical parts of human body where they can bite.

‘Save Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus’
I was offered the post of President of this group as soon as I joined even though I have never seen an amphibious octopus that resides in trees somewhere northwest of Pacific.

I support green. All shades of green and all sorts of green. Including sprinter Maurice Green. Oh Eva Green too!!!

I want to support other colors too but my contract does not allow me to support Coke and Pepsi at same time.

Blue Ribbon Campaign
I don’t know what they are actually supporting. Its some stuff about blogging anonymously, fighting internet censorship and human right of free speech. I don’t care about any of these things but I am still supporting them because I like the blue ribbon thingy that they have put on their sites.

Save the Silkworms
These guys are fighting for silkworms to be awarded worker rights. I guess that means, a business suit at work, a company car and a good salary. Imagine how cool it would be to see a silkworm in a silk tuxedo producing silk.

Save Humor
These guys are worried a bit too much. Cheer Up! We still have George W. Bush as President. No dearth of humor till he is there on that chair.
But what are we gonna laugh at once his term is over?

NORML (National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws)
They are standing for NO ban on marijuana. I don’t support this use of marijuana but without marijuana, there would be lot less people to laugh at. Right!!

Secret Societies
They are fun! Pure fun! Hey does anybody know how to get membership into Masons or Priory

(Originally published at The Humor Element)

Valentine’s Day Special!

Well I can’t have much to say here because I am a perennially single guy who some choose to call a L-o-s-e-r on this day.

But hey that’s what I am and besides presenting a paper on “Prediction of protein essentiality in complex organisms like otters”, I did read this interesting article on CNN.
This is what it says;

The National Retail Federation estimates that Americans will spend $17.02 billion on Valentine’s gifts this year.


Each person is expected to spend an average of $122.98 on Valentine’s Day, according to retail trade group. The figure is up from $119.67 last year.

Okie, so if I subtract $5.61 that I spent on Subway Sandwich, I have saved $117.38 today. And they call me a L-o-s-e-r!

$17.02 billion in gifts. Wow!! Valentine’s Day is the only day when I think that being a florist would have been a better career option than being a scientist.

Anyways, Happy Valentine’s Day!!! Let the love spread!

Saudi Ban on Red for V-Day

Saudi Arabia has banned everything Red for Valentine’s Day. Conservatives in the country think that it’s a sin to celebrate a festival that does not belong to their faith. Short sightedness of these conservative groups never ceases to amaze me.

‘Ban everything Red’

Its a damn funny slogan. Oh! I can suggest something here, Have this painted in Red color on white background.

Anyways so these are things that are banned in Saudi Arabia till Valentine’s Day:

Red Roses: Obviously, that’s the main target of ban. But if you really love someone and you are in Saudi Arabia and you are ready to take on the whole country for him/her. Go ahead and either use a different colored flower or else red ones are available in black market.

Fire Trucks: I don’t know what colored fire trucks are there in Saudi Arabia but if they are red, then coming three days are going to be free pass days for arsonists.

All Danger Signs: Well if you are in some danger and you raise a red flag as warning signal, believe me you would be in two kind of trouble at the same time.

Chubby Red Cheeks: If you have those chubby red cheeks which always gather compliments, then these few days are not for you. If you are in Saudi Arabia, then stay grounded till V-Day.

Blood Banks: It is all red in there too!

Tarantino Movies: Too much bloodshed! Too much red color! So nobody watches Tarantino movies till Valentine’s Day. (As if somebody prefers to watch Hostel with his/her love on a Valentine’s Day)

Superman: Super hero in a red cape and red underwear! Not allowed Sir! Save the world after two days!

Gandhi, Robin Hood & Aladdin Princess!

Yesterday I read this in on CNN-IBN

According to a survey carried out in Britain, many believe that Mahatma Gandhi and Churchill are just mythical figures like Florence Nightingale, popularly known as the Lady with the Lamp. In fact, almost a quarter of the population have the popular notion that Churchill, ‘the greatest Briton of all time’, was made up.


65 per cent of respondents believe that mythical figure King Arthur existed and led a round table of knights at Camelot, 58 per cent of teens think that Holmes really lived at 221B Baker Street.

Fifty-one per cent of respondents believed that Robin Hood lived in Sherwood Forest.

Well this piece of NEWS made me think about instances, when I had thought that a fictional character existed for real or when I assumed a real person for fictional one. Here are some of them:

Jasmine, the Aladdin Princess: I knew she was fictional but as a kid I so much wished for her to be a real person. I had a damn serious crush on her. (an honest confession!)

Robinson Crusoe: Till late, I thought that it was a ‘true’ autobiography about a man struck on an island. I realized it much late that there was no Robinson Crusoe.

Sherlock Holmes: Well, I think as a kid I had also assumed that he was for real.

Cleopatra: I thought she was just a character in Shakespeare’s Caeser and Ceopatra. But never really realized that she was a Hellenistic ruler of Egypt.

Harry Potter: Till 7th book, I thought he was NOT real.

Italian Nude Models, Dark Ages & Al Gore!

Nude models of Italy have gone on strike. The problem they have with the ‘clothed’ people is that they are not given dues for their work and most of them are not getting salaries and contracts worth their jobs.

Some people are overlooking this as just another piece of worthless news but I believe that this can lead to problems of monumental proportions. Here’s how.

If they stop working, we are not going to get any of the new artists in the field of nude art. So that field is doomed. The only other things artists can then paint are landscapes and abstract. Al Gore has already shown us that we are already heading towards doom when it comes to environment. So you cant get any of those ‘feel good’ landscapes for painting. Regarding abstract paintings, people are interested in that stuff only till they don’t understand what is on the canvas. Research shows that we are moving towards a more intelligent life form. A man with more brain power so as to say. More brain power on average would mean that everybody understands the abstract paintings. This would lead to people loosing interest in that kind of work.

Religion is anyways loosing its charm. The time is not far away when every other person will have his or her own religion.

In a nutshell, we are heading towards another dark ages. Striking Italian models can be a step towards Dark Ages. So to avoid another Dark Ages, support the Italian models!