Stallone is like Sunny Deol!

I thought I was the weird one. But somebody searched this on Google and was directed to my blog.

“Sylvester Stallone is like Sunny Deol”. He/she (well I have all the reasons to assume He here) was directed to my page because I once wrote a blog which had both these names. But sorry Sir/Madam if you did not get the answer on my blog that day. I am specially writing a blog for you. I am very generous, you know.

Yes Sylvester Stallone is like Sunny Deol. Why? Lets see

Both have defeated fully equipped armies of enemies single handedly.

Both are equally pathetic at comedy.

Both don’t seem to be thinking of retiring from film industry in near future.

Both of them don’t know how to dance. At least I am sure on that front about Sunny Deol and have never seen Stallone dance.

Just one difference, Sunny Deol keeps on shouting during his movies while Stallone prefers to do his jobs silently

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