Greatest Invention!!!


Somebody once asked me, “What do you think is man’s best invention?”

I said, “Time Machine!”

He added, “So far.”

I believe time machines are there for real but I was in no mood to argue. So I said, “Stapler”.

Yes my friends, I do believe in my full insane mind that wheels are overrated and stapler has never been given its worth. Well wheels helped in movement but had wheel not been there, we would have discovered a flying machine much earlier. I know there was some pottery angle too but who cares, grains can be stored in jute bags too. And moreover would pottery be different if instead of potters wheel we had potter’s square or triangle moving on an axis. (Besides difficulty on potter’s part on deciding where to sit without hitting the moving square or triangle). Actually if you see, all present day problems of pollution, wars, etc etc are all due to wheel.

Besides we could have easily made bags to store everything, by stapling pins on a bark or animal skin. It was just a matter of inventing one first. We would have made fire easily with a stone stapler. Actually it would have been much easier to make fire with a stone stapler. So stapler could have made fire, and it could have done what wheel did.

Xerox machines are important. No doubt about that, but imagine a world with lot of unstapled papers. With all the tornadoes, hurricanes and unstapled papers, this world could have been one big mess. So stapler actually helped to avoid all the risks associated with another good invention called Xerox machine.

Well I have solved a lot of my day to day problems with stapler. I have used it to hang curtains, repair my bathroom slippers, repair soles of my formal shoes and repair knobs of doors. So with slight modifications, stapler can solve so many things.

Well before everybody starts jumping at me, let me clarify here that I believe that “Stapler” is the best invention but not the only good invention.

2 thoughts on “Greatest Invention!!!

  1. Gauri says:

    How dare I not accept the arguments??? ๐Ÿ˜€ there u go again… Stapler it is… Agreed and kudos for yet another very amusing read…

  2. Gaurav says:


    Thanks!! ๐Ÿ™‚

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