Therapeutic Tag

Yipee!!! I was tagged. I am so happy because people never tag me as they think I am not serious enough! (Well they are not wrong!). Koke tagged me with this one. Its called ‘Therapeutic Tag’. It seems nobody has any idea as to why it is called so. But names really don’t matter to us.Anyways its about 10 things I miss in my life right now and another list of 10 things I would like to achieve within a decade from now.

10 things I miss in my life right now

1. I miss playing soccer and cricket regularly. It used to be so much fun to travel with whole team in a small van and talk about flaws of everybody’s game after every game.
2. I miss the heavy rains of Delhi. To reach home or go anywhere else, one had to wade through those streets filled with water.
3. I miss those paranthas from Chandni Chowk that we used to eat in undergrad hostel late at night.
4. I so much miss playing pranks on people during undergrad. Not that I don’t do it now but it was bit different then.
5. I miss watching Jungle book, Duck Tales, Byomkesh Bakshi and other serials of that era.
6. I miss taking bath under a tubewell. Although I have done it a few times but I do miss it now. It used to be fun.
7. Believe it or not, I do miss the blueline buses. Catching or getting off a moving bus was dangerous but fun.
8. I miss being quiet. There was a time (long long time ago!) when I was known as a quiet kid. I am always talking nonsense these days. From dusk to dawn and later too!!
9. I miss not having a cellphone. I hate that thing. My friends know that I use my Motorazr more as an alarm clock.
(My antisense side is kicking in now…So excuse me!!)
10. I miss the weight of earth on my shoulders. Although that Atlas dude gave it to me but he took it back pretty soon!

10 things I would like to achieve within a decade from now

1. Write my first book and get it published.
2. Visit England, Finland, Poland, Scotland, Greenland, New Zealand, Neverland ……almost every land.
3. Be part of Spanish Tomatino festival. It would be fun to throw tomatoes at everybody.
4. Win a Nobel and an IgNobel. If both of them are on same work, nothing better than that.
5. Make a movie with Jim Carey, Matthew Perry, Nivi and me.
6. Do most of those crazy things like Skydiving, Bungee jumping, white water rafting on extreme rapids, extreme skiing(that’s bit of an overshot!!) and likes.
7. Play American Football at small levels as quarterback or receiver. A quick clarification here, I have no intention of playing with those hulks and being on defense team.
8. I did not want to write this here as it is too boring. I wish to have a lab of my own in next ten years and want it to be the only lab with a home theater system.
9. Have my very own column titled ‘Antisense Strand’ in some magazine or newspaper.

(My antisense side is kicking again now!!! So excuse me again!)
10. Lift earth on my shoulders one more time!

I tag: Swati, Gauri, Nick Oliva and everybody else who wants to take up the tag.

3 thoughts on “Therapeutic Tag

  1. onlymoments says:

    Incase you didn’t see it on my blog

    Not a bad Tag…… we go

    1. I miss my mother and father
    2. I miss the ability to hike
    3. I miss the hopes and dreams of youth
    4. I miss the insanity of the Entertainment Biz
    5. I miss the flirtations of a younger time
    6. I miss the challenge of doing things for the first time
    7. I miss the expansive learning of college
    8. I miss New York City
    9. I miss the beaches of Nag’s Head
    10. I miss the Grateful Dead on New Year’s Eve

    Ten years from now

    1. I want a cure for diabetes
    2. I want to go to Tahiti
    3. I want to have a book I’ve written made into a film
    4. I want to be able to hike again
    5. I would like to have a photography exhibit
    6. I would like to be travelling all over the world on a cruise ship
    7. I would want to be able to play music on that ship around the world
    8. I hope all of my plans for investment work out and I can relax
    9. I hope I still have the ability to laugh and love with good friends
    10. I hope the world is a more peaceful place.

  2. Gaurav says:

    @ onlymoments

    Hey Nick, Nice list!!… Really enjoyed reading them..and thanks for taking up the tag.

  3. Sourav Roy says:

    I remember a few detective shows from my old nostalgic Doordarshan days. I was a child then, but thanks to you tube, that I can continue watching them. Who can forget Jasoos Karamchand (starring Pankaj Kapoor), Super six, Barrister Roy (starring Kanwaljeet), Reporter (Shekhar Suman’s first apperance on TV), Tehkikaat and Suraag (starring Sudesh Berry)? But the show stealer of those good old days was definitely Byomkesh Bakshi. He was undoubtedly the desi Sherlock Holmes.

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