Potatoes and Hash Browns


I am grateful to the guy who discovered potatoes. I mean who would have picked up those dirty little stone like structures and then said, “Hey we can eat them after washing”. The other person I would like to thank is the guy who made those Hash Brown patties. Microwave them and there you are; eating some delicacy while TV shows some weird boring ads.

I have never been a foodie type. One can easily tell that by the first look of me. But till high school, it was my parents who pushed things into me at regular interval and kept my calorie intakes normal. Once into undergrad college hostel, nobody cares. So I was left at the mercy of messwallahs and the local street food of Chandni Chowk. Another transition in my life and I moved to USA for my PhD. A vegetarian who eats eggs, Hash Browns came to my rescue!

Hash Brown Sandwiches with ranch as dressing is my discovery. A poor hungry man’s discovery that must have been discovered my many more before me. But thats my discovery too! Between two slices of white bread, put a freshly microwaved Hash Brown patty. Put some buttermilk ranch on it and there you are with Hash Brown Sandwich.

Did somebody say, “Potatoes are unhealthy”?”Who cares?”

“I anyways don’t put on weight.”

I am not sure why I wrote this blog but I was very hungry when I wrote this and there was nothing nearby to eat.

Not even Hash Browns!

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