“I am No Superman”


“I am no Superman”
This one line can save you from many problems. I would not be wrong if I say that it could have saved millions from the trouble. Just one line. Lets take history first!! Well I have no idea why many people talk about history first and then talk about present. Is it right in giving more importance to past then present. “I don’t know, I am no superman.” Anyways back to past.

Scenario I
Atlas is asked to lift earth on his shoulders. He could have easily said, ” I am no superman”. God would have devised some other way to hold earth in mid air or there would have been no earth. End of all miseries. Just one line.

Scenario II
Atlas asked Hercules to take over as earth bearer for a fraction of second. Had Hercules said, “I am no superman. I can’t do this”. Atlas would have died under the weight due to shoulder dislocation or something worse in the absence of that much required rest. Again earth falls down, rolls through the universe, hits some random star numbered XCVIII and boom! End of all miseries.

Scenario III
Somebody asked somebody, ” Can you make a atom bomb?”. The man in white coat replies, “What do you think I am..Superman. I am a scientist, I am no superman.”. NO BOMBS. Peace in world. We lived happily ever after.

Scenario IV
I am in shopping mall, girlfriend asks me, ” Hey honey, Can you lift all these bags?”. I have a look at the bags. Well if carry all these, mall would run out of supply. So I take decision. “Honey, I am no superman. Find one if you want one as boyfriend. “. BREAK UP. Single status is nice. Nice is good.

Scenario V
Aliens (Brothers of Superman) attack earth. Arnold Schwarzenegger has already died. Aliens ask for surrender. What will you do? Dig earth deeper and deeper for kryptonite or its homologue. I say, just tell one thing, ” We are no superman!!”. Aliens understand that we are useless, do their risk to benefit analysis. Board their flying bicycles and leave for next planet. Earth is saved again.This time without Arnold!!

4 thoughts on ““I am No Superman”

  1. hey this is witty and makes me smile… follows the usual fashion of ur light and good to read posts.. 🙂 keep the interesting takes coming!

  2. Ankur Bhardwaj says:

    Tere dimag mein pata nahin kya-2 chalta rehta hai,,,,,,,,,lekin blog acha tha

  3. Gaurav says:




    Yeah even I have no clue as to what goes on in my head. 🙂

  4. […] Anything I like: I like writing nonsense. There are many such entries on this blog. But the one that I liked most is this one on Superman. […]

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