A Case of Heavenly Involvements

Somebody filed a case in court questioning the inclusion of word ‘God’ in a ‘particular’ pledge. The man claims to be an atheist. Well I don’t have much to say in this regard but back in school, we used to have a pledge in morning assembly that used to say that, “All Indians are my brothers and sisters”. Every boy in school used to say till “All Indians are my brothers and remain silent on sister part.” Very simple way not to pledge something we don’t believe, but we never went to court fighting the pledge. Now I think we should have filed a case against school. It would have been fun.

So this atheist guy has filed a case. I don’t want to get into any atheist vs theist debate here but well how is this guy going to prove that he is an atheist. That should be important in order to prove that the pledge is actually against his beliefs and word ‘God’ is actually hurting his sentiments. I mean one way is to see what he says when theist say, ” Oh my God!!”. He might me saying ‘Oh my” only.

My suggestion to that dude is that forget this case. I mean why to increase the load on already loaded judiciary system this holiday season and just remain silent when everybody says, “GOD” during that pledge. Merry Christmas and May God bless you. Oops. May ______ bless you.

2 thoughts on “A Case of Heavenly Involvements

  1. onlymoments says:

    One would have to include the comments in sex as well, as I defy anyone that does use the term “Oh, My God!” at the climax of the act. Perhaps we should say Oh My ___ and leave the last word silent…….yeah right! Much ado about nothing (get it? nothing)

  2. Gaurav says:

    Yup very well said…much ado about __________. 🙂

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