Digital Gravestones (iStone)!!

Is there anything that you would like to keep on listening or watching after you die. OR is there something that you want to keep on saying to this world even after you die? Well if you said yes, then you need to buy the “Serenity Panel” being marketed by Vidstone LLC. Its a weatherproof digital display panel that can be fitted on gravestones. And for Captain Planeteers, its solar powered too!

Well the options galore with “Serenity Panel”. You can have your whole photo album into panel, or else your full iPOD playlist. Even videos too!! I am planning to put my favorite movies in my iSTONE. You know it can get pretty boring when all other dead ones are sleeping. Although the ‘Serenity panel’ is supposed to be fixed outside but I think combined with a Bose Home Grave theater system, it can work wonders. Just a quick caution here; Please respect the privacy of others and no loud music in your grave. If grave theater system is not your cup of cake, then you can always ask for a small hole in your coffin through which you can carry your headphones in!!

Well the company has 100 dealers in US and just 1 in UK. But none in Pennsylvania!! I am sad now!! Anyways when asked about sales figures, a dealer said,”We don’t release our sales figures. It is not a huge number at the moment.” Actually what they meant to say was that there are no sales still. But times will change, for sure. As another dealer says, “This a big step, putting electronics on your headstone. People Dead people are used to sandblasted, granite and things like that.”

So why go and put flowers on graves of your loved ones. Just upload pics of all the flowers of world and your loved one gets one new flower every other minute. I am only waiting for other companies to jump in this lucrative business. And since I am an Apple fan, I am waiting for the iSTONE.

2 thoughts on “Digital Gravestones (iStone)!!

  1. amitscorpio says:

    i want playboy models in my iStone!!! 😉

  2. Gaurav says:


    In that case you will have to buried in a graveyard , where only adults are allowed to visit!! 🙂

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