The Golden Compass

I finally broke the streak of me watching poor or average movies in theater. So what if it was done with a child fantasy movie. It was the money well spent. Went to watch Golden compass yesterday night. Made a right decision of going a bit early before the show as the theater became full pretty soon. So here is what I think about the movie.

Dakota Blue Richards does an amazing job as the ‘child’ who inherits golden compass. Nicole Kidman still looks good. So does James Bond. Oops Daniel Craig!!

Well does anybody know what the name of Eva Green was in the movie. I thought it was Saratoga Pinacolada. She was a fairy and her verita serum question is, ” Who was my lover?”

Polar bears are warriors. That too ferocious one. What else can you expect from a polar bear if you give him an armor. Give me an armor and I would start hitting people too. Well given that I am able to lift all the weight of armor.

Everybody has a daemon. Its that kind of thing from ‘Arabian Nights’ where somebody’s soul is in an animal. Well after coming I wondered what my daemon could be. I was confused between a panther, horse and a gibbon. Well a chimera of these three would be good but I think gibbon would suit me better than other ones.

Why does that old cowboy from Ghost rider (Sam Elliott) always play the same role. I mean isn’t he bored of playing cowboy in every movie. When I become an actor, I would like to play the role of the ‘guy watching TV with soda and nachos’ in every movie. More takes per scene, merrier I am.

2 thoughts on “The Golden Compass

  1. amitscorpio says:

    the name of eve green was “Serafina Pekkala”, and she was a witch not fairy!! 🙂

  2. Gaurav says:

    I still think Saratoga Pinacolada sounds better!! Regarding Witch vs Fairy debate..well I can’t see Eva Green as witch, so fairy it be!!

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