Arm and Hammer Toothpaste!!

Pardon my ignorance here but I came to know about ARM and HAMMER toothpaste yesterday only. I saw this TV commercial and could not stop laughing. I know I am not completely sane and laugh at slightest instance. (I am still one of those people who laugh at watching a man slip on banana peel). Back to hammer….So the funny part was not the commercial itself but the irony of a toothpaste named ARM and Hammer!! As long as they are making detergents, its great with me. The detergent does not go into your mouth. The idea of a hammer (or worst arm and hammer) in your mouth  every morning is kinda scary but funny.

This is like naming a detergent powder Dirty Black,or a deodorant  Pooh Pooh!!

Photocopiers became Xerox. What if some years down the lane, Toothpaste become ARM & HAMMER.  Parents are teaching their child, “Do Arm & Hammer twice a day”!!

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