Dream within a dream within a dream within a dream within a dream……

If there is some kind of record for maximum number of dreams within a dream, then i broke it last night. I know many people don’t remember their dreams but I am different. I remember my dreams in entirety. Actually sometimes I remember more than what I actually dream!!

So here’s how it started . I was actually on this plane for skydiving. Strangely enough the plane had lot of people paddling to make it fly. I guess it did not have an engine. But then all of a sudden the plane starts to go down. Next scene the plane is descending slowly with all the parachutes attached to the plane itself. Without a reason I jump out of plane. I think I did not want miss the chance for skydiving just because the plane used all the parachutes. Anyways so I am falling from the sky. I think i saw a meteor or two pass by me. Then suddenly I open my eyes and I am in bed. But the ceiling is missing.

Okay, so the ceiling is not there over my bed. I can see a big fan hanging from sky. When it moves the clouds are moving around it. I distinctly remember seeing a man who looked like Charles Darwin standing on one of the blades. A big (actually very very big) book falls on the blade and it bends. I am looking towards sky to see if Darwin falls. Nothing ever falls except that I see a shark moving towards me. In air or was it water I don’t know. But its a nice time to open your eyes. And thats what I do. But as soon as I wake up, I hear a heavy engine sound.

I open my eyes and I am in a motor boat. I go through a dark tunnel and on other side a movie is being shot. I go past the line of directors, actors, cameras blah blah and lo there waits a whirlpool. After some circles of decreasing radii , my boat goes into the eye.  Next scene my boat is actually falling into open mouth of a coffee canister. Time to wake up for sure now.

So I wake up and sit on my computer and start pushing keys. The site open on my laptop screen is wordpress and I am writing a blog. I click publish and scene zooms out into the ‘earth from space’ view. It zooms back in and in a well lit room, a person unknown to me is reading something on his laptop. He is sitting too close to screen and suddenly he shouts, “What nonsense is this!!!”. I open my eyes again……..

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