I am back!!!!

Yes I am back after about about two weeks. I was busy preparing for my PhD candidacy exam which I cleared today (I am not taking the liberty of saying with flying colors here!!). But yes I did clear it. I had reached a stage where the only thing in my mind was the neuron structures. I noticed that a bare tree has a dendritic morphology. The dandruff on your head is actually like Golgi Outposts of a dendrite labelled with a golgi specific stain. And the best of it, a train drawing on paper looks like a straight axon with mylein sheath.

Well as you can see, I am not a great fan of exams. Well i doubt if there are people who like exams. But one can never say for sure. There are exceptions of all types. So I am back and I have lot of work now. Can’t use “I have my candidacy coming up!!” line to avoid work now. Actually work and snow!!

So I am back to my antisense antics. Get ready to hear more nonsense and antisense things. Cheers!!

2 thoughts on “I am back!!!!

  1. Charumani says:

    Yeah!!! WELCOME !! WELCOME!!!

  2. Gaurav says:

    Thank you thank you!! (applause dies down!!) 🙂 I am waiting for the movie too, “Welcome”

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