Before the Devil knows that Dragon is Dead.

I am pretty busy these days. Besides all other random things, like preparing for my PhD candidacy exam and trying to have my own comedy show (you guys remember that, right!!), I have started working on this new movie called “Before the Devil knows that Dragon is Dead”. Sounds interesting?!

So lets make this clear here. It may sound like one of those latest Philip Seymour Hoffmann movie but its not a sequel, prequel, any other equal, remake, retake, whatever to that movie!!

There is no allusions involved in this one; Devil is devil and Dragon is dragon. So, what is the plot? Well lets say that a dragon is dying. I am thinking of getting the one that Ron’s brother had in Romania for this particular role. And then obviously devil wants the dead dragon’s soul. So the whole mankind, demi-Godkind, angelkind,all the kinds are a part of a big cover up plan. But there is a big twist in the end. But I can’t tell you that now!!

Any suggestions for Devil’s role. I am thinking of Elizabeth Hurley. She is experienced at that.

3 thoughts on “Before the Devil knows that Dragon is Dead.

  1. onlymoments says:

    Liz Hurley as the Devil??? Oh, I’ve been soo sooo bad, I’m going straight to hell….

  2. rampantheart says:

    Hi gaurav,
    I came here straight from Archana Raghuram’s blog and man,is your blog amazing!Just stopped by to say “Keep the words flowing!Kudos”!

  3. Gaurav says:

    @only moments

    lol…Yeah I have done some pretty bad sins too!!…


    Thanks 🙂

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