The Weird Show with Mr. Blue Berry

I am starting my very own comedy talk show. That would be sometime soon. I am just waiting for a producer, some money and a movie camera. Thats it guys and I am all set. Oh, the name of show is The Weird Show with Mr. Blue Berry. Needless to say here but I am hosting the show with screen name of Blue Berry. Each guest on the show gets to eat a blueberry muffin with me. (coffee mugs on tables are so clichéd!! ).

Another major change, no tuxedos for host. I am hosting the whole show in my track pants and Tee’ s. So all the Jon’s, Steven’s, Dave’s and King’s, get ready to witness plummeting ratings of your shows.

Anyways here is the guestlist for my pilot episode:

Fidel Castro

Aishwarya Rai

Shoaib Akhtar

Jim Carey, Matthew Perry ( you see rhyming name of Blue Berry!!)

Barack Obama

Hillary Clinton

and very very special Andy Kaufman. (yup he is coming back!!!)

Yes, all of them for my 2 hr. special pilot episode!!! So get ready guys!!! Oh my phone is ringing! Must be the producer. So get back to you guys later!!! Bye!!

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