Happy Thanksgiving and Turkey Uprising!!!!

Happy Thanksgiving to all my readers. Have a wonderful dinner and if you survive the cold (if you are in this part of country), enjoy the Black Friday Sale too. I am planning to get some stuff from Best Buy but my friend just told me that we will have to stand in queue for whole night. So I called up the Medical Center and confirmed if it is possible to pre-reserve an ambulance. You know, just in case I get frost bite or other worse stuff. I am pretty cautious in these matters. Last year when I went for skydiving, I jumped alongwith a paramedics team.

Anyways this just came in from my undercover agents. Turkeys of the world (only birds!!!) are uniting and planning an uprising against the celebration of this Turkey Genocide Day. So take care, the turkey on your table may not be actually dead, it might just be faking it. Its a world wide conspiracy, so make sure that turkey in front of you is not wearing a thermal protection suit and is actually dead. These small steps may save mankind!!

One thought on “Happy Thanksgiving and Turkey Uprising!!!!

  1. Charumani says:

    I agree with you, this is a conspiracy and I pity poor turkeys!!

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