Beowulf: What the hell!!!!

Ok, I am pissed off today. All because of watching movie Beowulf. Last time I was in such a bad mood, was after watching the Ajay Jadeja starrer Khel. But then Ajay Jadeja was a cricketer turned actor but yesterday it was worse as it was the animation movie. Ok before any Robert Zemeckis supporter jumps at me, I accept that animation was really good quality but besides that, the movie was a bagful of crap. Here’s why:

1. There are thousands of other ways to show an incompetent king but why on earth, would you choose to show the robe of animated Anthony Hopkins(who plays King Hrothger), fall off in the starting scene of movie to prove the point that king was an incompetent one. Wardrobe malfunctioning is not the only sign of a bad king.
2. There was a moment when they showed the demon Grendel attacking the great hall of Hereot. The violence was so much that, I actually asked my friend ” Was Tarantino involved somewhere in the making of this one?”

3. OK so our hero, the demon slayer Beowulf never fights any unarmed men, without taking his own clothes off!!..

4. The main point why am so pissed off with the movie is why would you distort the old story of Beowulf so much that there is hardly anything left besides the character names and location. Just because you have Angelina Jolie animation as Grendel’s mother does not mean that she was never killed by Beowulf. Just because you have Angelina Jolie animation does not mean that you can call Grendel as Hrothoger’s son and the last dragon that Beowulf fought was actually his son. Just because Zemeckis wanted to end the movie with a semi nude scene of Angelina Jolie, the movie shows that Grendel’s mother was still alive even after Beowulf died.

Well creative freedom is one thing but distorting an old tale so much, is at least not to my taste.

After 15 min of movie, my only repeated comment was, ” What the hell!!….”

Well there were bits and pieces of unintentional humor. To read more about them read Koke’s review.

3 thoughts on “Beowulf: What the hell!!!!

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  2. onlymoments says:

    Now why would you think that Hollywood would do anything less than screwing up a timeless wonderful story. You could have a no-holds barred death match with duos like Steven King and Stanley Kubrick; Sir Arthur C. Clearke and Stanley Kubrick; John Grisham and Sydney Pollack; Tom Wolfe and Brian DePalma and so on and so on. They always take a great story and F… it up. Even Spieberg has to add crap that reeks of Hollywood excess. I feel your pain.

  3. Gaurav says:

    @only moments

    yup I guess I should not have carried any expectations when I went to watch movie. I agree it has been an old tradition in Hollywood, pick up a good story and mess it all up. What struck me most this time was, that even an intent to adapt the great epic in its glorious form was missing on directors part.

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