Horrorscope..oops I meant Horoscope!!


I was wondering that, do horoscope writers have something like a horoscope pool set? I mean a set of say 100 or lets say 500 different daily horoscope enteries written at one place and then they chose randomly from there for each sun sign everyday. I mean it would be difficult to write same thing with new words every other day. If somebody ever comes across such pool set, please send it to me. I always wanted to be a horoscope writer but never knew where to apply!!!

One thought on “Horrorscope..oops I meant Horoscope!!

  1. Ha ha… yes.. ur observations are purrfect… even i wonder so at times.. mean how can they churn up things each single day.. (all newspaper reporters do churn up content one after the other, but ‘predicting’ is a different thing!!)

    thnks for stoppin by my blog.. i appreciate ur comments..

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